Old Clarence – Boulevard Brewing Co

13 May

UPDATE: Looks like I was only partially correct in my posting about this beer… and by partially, I mean not really close at all. I’ll blame Marla for that one!

I just received this message from Jeremy Danner, a brewer at Boulevard about the beer that is much, much more accurate than what I wrote: “Old Clarence is a Bully! Porter that’s been aged in a whiskey barrel. It’s named for Clarence “Mikey” Prince, one of the original brewery employees. The picture was actually taken by a friend of his named Sam Bustamante who works on our bottling line. It’s not from a movie, it was taken at his house. He’s not “in costume” as those are clothes he would regularly wear and that’s his personal gun. Let me know if you have any other questions about this beer.”

Original post, which is somewhat, or almost entirely, inaccurate. The acquisition story is true:

Although you’ll never see this on the shelf, I’d like to send a huge thanks out to Marla at Boulevard for this wedding present! (sorry for the crappy photo)

On Friday, April 29th, I had 20 of the 40 slots for the 1pm brewery tour for friends and family who were in town for my wedding. While touring the upper floor in the brewery, I ran into Marla, who runs events at the Brewery, and who was so helpful and gracious in allowing Amanda and I into the brewery a few months back for our engagement session with Matt O’Laughlin.

Anyway, while we were there, Boulevard was hosting one of their Brewmaster Luncheons. Marla was working the event, so I chatted her up for a little bit while we were on the tour… which was my eighth or ninth one, so I could basically give it by now. She asked about the upcoming wedding, not realizing it was the next day. We talk about how everything was all set and how most of the people on the tour that day were friends and family in for the wedding. After talking for a few moments, she told me to hold on and that she’d be right back. She stepped into the kitchen and came out a few minutes later with a cold bottle of something I had never seen before… Old Clarence.

Although we didn’t have much time to discuss the history of the bottle, she did inform me that the photo on the front of the bottle is of a Boulevard employee, Mike, who had recently passed away. She also noted that he had been in a movie, Old Clarence, which is where the picture came from… although I can’t find anything about the movie online, nor vet and other info about the beer, but I trust Marla that she’s not leading me astray… at least not too much!

Part of the reason that you won’t find anything about this beer online is that it was a special brew that was only made for employees of the brewery to commemorate Mike’s life and time at the brewery.It was also being featured at that day’s luncheon.

Although I haven’t opened it yet, I’m really looking forward to this special edition Porter. I’ll come back later once I pop ‘er open… which might be tonight!

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