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Truth in Beervertising

To kick of American Craft Beer Week, I wanted to share some awesome new videos that Breckenridge Brewery recently put out.

Their new “Truth in Beervertising” spots are being aired in Colorado as a little poke to the Big 3 who tout swirls, color-changing labels and triple-hopped yellow water. Although you won’t find these on your TV anytime soon, unless you live in Denver, but you can find them popping up all around the interwebs and through beer blogs, such as the KC Beer Blog (which is where I first saw the videos, but then started seeing them pop up in my daily marketing industry emails, like this).

Anyway, check them out and enjoy. They’re only 15 seconds long, so it’ll only take you a minute, literally, to watch. Oh, and don’t forget, May 16th-22nd is American Craft Beer Week, so be sure to try something new that doesn’t contain the name ‘Bud’, ‘Coors’ or ‘Miller’. There are plenty of great beers out there from the more than 1,800 designated ‘craft brewers.’


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