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Stone Brewing Co’s Greg Koch

During lunch I swung over to Royal Liquors on State Line and 103rd St. Greg was supposed to host a tasting and signing from 12-1p… I showed up right around 12 with no one in sight…

No worries, they were running 20 minutes late. So, I swung over to Taco Bell for something I’m sure I’ll later regret, then headed back to Royal to meet the man himself. I only chatted with him for a few minutes, as others were lined up to meet him and get their bottles signed. I did however get a few bottles signed, a signed DVD and this quick photo. Not bad for a lunch hour!

Tonight Greg will be at Flying Saucer and the Foundry, so be sure to catch up with him for dinner tonight. I’m hoping to make it to the Foundry and get a table before it gets too busy.

Welcome to Kansas City Greg. Glad you brought your beer!

Stone Brewing Co’s beers can be found at any liquor store worth visiting in Missouri. Royal Liquor and Lucas Liquor both have a large selection of Stone brews. Be sure to pick up an Arrogant Bastard while you’re there… it’s the #1 selling 22oz bomber on the market!


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This speaks for itself…


Stone started distributing today! That’s all I need to say.

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Racer 5

There’s something about Racer 5 that keeps me coming back for more. It could be the price – typically $5 or less at most of the places I shop – or it could be that it’s the kind of IPA that I could drink one after another.

Either way, I’m a big fan of Racer 5. For the price and great citrus taste, without the pine, it’ll probably be my default when looking for a cheap bomber… however, Stone is now in Kansas City, so that could change real soon. R5, you might be taking a back seat to another Cali brewer.


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